The Terrifying Night Specter

Thanks to my friend, Gary, for this story!

When Gary was nineteen years old, he got a job bartending at a gay bar in Perth Amboy, New Jersey called The Other Half.  The owner, Jimmy, lived in a three-bedroom apartment above the bar.

One night, Gary stayed over after work.  Jimmy warned Gary that his apartment was haunted.  Gary wasn’t too surprised at this.  Jimmy had an impressive collection of 1920s and 1930s artwork.  It was possible that if the building itself wasn’t haunted, perhaps there was a spirit attached to one of the paintings.  Jimmy told Gary that he should keep a bowl of water next to the bed to help ward off any malevolent spirits.  Thinking it best to follow his boss’ advice just in case the house really did have ghosts, Gary filled a bowl with water and placed it on the table by his bed.

Sometime in the night, Gary opened his eyes to see a ghost standing at the foot of his bed.  Although fully awake, Gary was unable to move or make a sound.  The phantom radiated anger as it crept toward where Gary lay.  Gary’s heart thudded in his ears as it drew closer and closer.

Still unable to speak, Gary screamed inside of his head in desperation, “I HAVE THE WATER!” 

Instantly, the ghost changed direction.  Gary stared as the spirit went to his bedside table and vanished into the bowl of water.  Finally able to move, Gary leapt out of bed and left the room.  He never stayed over his boss’ house again.