Big News! Radio Show – This Sunday

Dear Readers,

Tune in this Sunday Night @8:00pm CT as we talk to Paranormal Author, Tara Theresa Hill, about her blog and personal experience in the Paranormal.

Tara Theresa Hill – Author Bio

Fascinated by ghosts since her first paranormal encounter as a child, Tara Theresa Hill writes stories about humans and spirits interacting with one another.  Tara’s blog, The Ghost Post, is about real ghost stories and hauntings.  Her first short story, “Don’t Be Afraid,” was published in the paranormal anthology, Urban Harvest: Tales of the Paranormal in New York City.  She is currently working on compiling an anthology of fictional ghost stories and finishing her first novel.  Tara lives in New Jersey with her husband, George, their cat, Diana and their bird, Skye Baby.  You can follow Tara Theresa Hill on Facebook at, and also on Twitter @TaraTheresaHill.  To read her blog, The Ghost Post, check out  If you have a true ghost story that you would like to share with The Ghost Post, send Tara an email to to set up an interview.

Click here on this Link to listen and/or Live Chat during the radio show:

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