Grandma’s Visit

Thanks to Matthew from New York for this story!

It was a hot, summer day.  Matthew worked in construction and had been at it since early that morning.  The apartment was quiet.  His mother was out shopping and visiting her friends.  She wouldn’t be home for another few hours.  After a long shower, Matthew went into his bedroom and pulled down the shades to block out the late afternoon sun.  He set up a fan by his bed to help keep him cool.  Before getting into bed, he lit a Saint Theresa candle and placed it on top of his dresser.  Matthew often lit candles and said prayers for his grandmother, Tessie.  She had died the year before after a hard battle with cancer.

Exhausted, Matthew flopped into bed and was soon in a deep sleep.  He began to dream that he was at a carnival with his girlfriend.  For some reason, they were playing a game of hide and seek in the dream.  He said that he chased her from ride to ride, always to lose sight of her the second that he was about to catch her.  At one point in the dream, he saw her disappear into a fun house, so he followed her in.  He started running down a hallway lined with mirrors when he suddenly heard someone calling his name.


He turned around to see Grandma Tessie standing in one of the mirrors.  She called out to him again.  As he walked toward her, he found himself back in his room.  Only he wasn’t awake because he could see himself lying fast asleep in his bed.  Confused, he was wondering what was happening, when his grandmother appeared once again.  This time she materialized next to him in the bedroom.

“Matthew, you’re sleeping.  Wake up!  The candle is about to burst into flames.”

This took him completely out of the dream.  He felt his body hit the bed.  Matthew sat up just in time to watch the candle’s glass break.  The candle fell over and rolled on the dresser.  In a flash, Matthew jumped out of bed and was able to snuff out the flame.  Had he not been awake at that moment, the candle would have set the dresser on fire.

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