The Hidden Entity, Part 2

Thanks to Gafyn from Swansea, Wales for this story!  You can also read Gafyn’s other stories: Adventures with Ghosts, Haunted Roads in South Wales, and The Hidden Entity Part 1.

Thinking that the incident with whatever negative energy that was in the house was over, Gafyn and Angela brought the kids back home.  A few days later, the youngest child was doing a craft while watching T.V. when suddenly the sellotape went missing.  The family searched all over the living room, only for the tape to mysteriously turn up in the refrigerator hours later.

As if this wasn’t weird enough, other more disconcerting things started to occur.  Money went missing and items were constantly found broken or knocked to the floor.  When the family started arguing over these events, Gafyn responded that “It” wanted them to turn against each other.  A small ornament whizzed through the air missing his head by a millimeter.

Rattled, they called their friends again.  They decided to do an investigation and a house cleansing to get whatever this was out of the house.  Doors were constantly opening on their own.  Something was banging around in the attic.  It was done playing its cruel game of hide and seek.  This thing wanted them to know it was there and that it wasn’t leaving.

The investigation took place while the kids were in school.  Gafyn and his friends went into the back room.  Gafyn’s friend, Colin, began by saying, “Whatever you are, you will eventually have to leave.”  Right after he said this, some invisible force picked him up and threw him aside.  Even though they were terrified, the group knew that they still had to confront this negative force.  Whatever it was, left the bedroom and proceeded to follow them about the house.  The extreme rage and negativity emanating from this being only subsided enough to give it a chance to replenish its energy.

It was clear that they weren’t going to be able to stay there, so Angela started packing while Gafyn and their friends continued the investigation.  The phone rang.  When Angela went to answer it, there was a high-pitched ringing so that neither her or the caller could hear each other.  It turned out that it was her mother calling to tell them to leave the house and to come and stay with her until they could find another place to live.

Suddenly, Gafyn felt like he was about to have a headache.  He remembered being held up by his friends, his partner crying and shouting, “Leave him alone!” but she wasn’t actually yelling at him.  Afterward, he was told that he started growling at Angela and his friends to “Get out.”

The next thing Gafyn knew, they were at Angela’s mother’s house.  He didn’t remember what had happened after his head had started to hurt and his friends had grabbed him by the arms.  They decided to move out of that house as fast as possible.  The children never went back.  They stayed with Angela’s mom while Gafyn, Angela, and their friends got the rest of their belongings.  Even then, the entity kept up its presence, half opening and closing the doors to make sure they knew that it didn’t want them there.  Gafyn said his view of the paranormal changed drastically after this experience.

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