The White Light

Thanks to Camille from Chattanooga, TN for this story!

Camille was staying with her daughter in Richmond, Virginia a couple of years ago, when she had an experience that she couldn’t explain.  She was going through a tough time in her life.  She had been suffering great pain for a while and had had to have back surgery.  During her recovery time, she developed a keen interest in the paranormal.  She started reading books on ghosts, angels, and archangels.

One night, she woke up to use the bathroom.  As Camille sat up in bed, three flashes of pure white light lit up her room.  They happened one after the other and reminded her of camera flashes.

“What was that?” Camille wondered.  This had never happened to her before.  Rubbing her eyes, she got up and went to the restroom.  “It’s probably nothing,” she thought to herself.  “Maybe I’m just sleepy and my eyes needed a moment to adjust.”

Camille reentered her bedroom, only to see another bright white flash of light.  At this point, Camille figured that it wasn’t her eyes playing tricks on her.  She didn’t feel ill or scared at the sight of these lights.  Instead, they infused her being with a sense of peace and tranquility.  She went back to bed and slept well for the rest of the night.

When she woke up the next day, Camille decided to do some research on the source of the bright lights.  She couldn’t find any information indicating that there was something wrong with her eyes.  She didn’t have a history of migraines or other neurological issues.  There hadn’t been a lightning storm going on.  Her bedroom was on the second floor and the blinds had been closed, so it couldn’t have been coming from outside either.

She did, however, find articles and personal accounts of mysterious experiences with flashing lights.  Many people believed that the appearance of bright lights without a medical cause indicated the presence of angels or other beings of higher energies.  Remembering the calming feeling that had come over her at the sight of the lights, Camille felt that this was true.  She had been undergoing an extremely stressful and emotional period in her life, but now she had hope that things were going to start to get better.  Since this event, she has found peace in her heart and soul.  She believes in the Divine and hopes to have another experience like this again someday.

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2 thoughts on “The White Light

  1. Thanks for sharing/writing this article i have experienced a white light myself a while ago. I had just woken up i was half asleep half awake, i remember it was a very calming feeling. The only thing that frightened me was the random bright light. Its goo to know im not alone.

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