What Dreams are Made Of

Thanks to Linda from New Jersey for this story! To read more about Linda’s psychic and paranormal experiences, please see Her Daughter’s Guardian Angel and A Grave Message

It’s not easy to interpret one’s dreams.  Symbols and messages that make sense while asleep often lose their logic after we wake.  Some people don’t even remember most of their dreams.  Others, keep a dream journal to record what they can recall before it grows hazy and is forgotten.  Many cultures believe in Dreamers, a type of Medium who does psychic and spiritual work while they are dreaming.  These stories might make you question the line between dreaming and reality.

When her son and daughter were young, Linda used to participate in a carpool.  When it was Linda’s turn, it meant taking her friend’s three kids along with her own children.  It was about a twenty-minute ride to the school.  One night, Linda had a dream that she hit a deer while she was driving.  In the dream, the animal’s back leg kicked her in the head as it crashed through the windshield.  Thankfully, the kids were not present in this dream.  Deeply disturbed by this nightmare and knowing that she sometimes had prophetic dreams, Linda vowed to be extra careful on the road.  When nothing happened, she chalked it up to nervousness about the commute.

Many years later, the dream suddenly came back.  Linda’s children were now all grown up.  She called and asked them to please be careful while driving.  Accustomed to their mother’s strange dreams, they promised to use caution.  The daughter phoned a little while later, saying that she had arrived at her destination safely.  Linda could sense that something was wrong when her son didn’t call.

When she did eventually hear from her son, he was reluctant to tell her that he had had an accident.  The guy in front of him had hit a deer.  Somehow during the collision, the deer’s body had flown over the other person’s car and through her son’s windshield.  The creature landed in the passenger seat next to her son, who was miraculously unharmed.

Another dream that Linda had helped save her life.  Her father died at sixty-eight from stomach cancer.  One night, she dreamt that her father’s spirit came to visit her.  He told her that he knew that her stomach had been hurting her for quite some time and he urged her to go see the doctor as soon as possible.  Given what had happened to him, Linda decided to take his advice.  The gastroenterologist examined her and sent her for an endoscopy.  The test results revealed a large tumor in her stomach.  Fortunately, they had caught the problem in time and Linda was able to recover with treatment.

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