The Nighttime Visitor

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I love going on trips with my husband, George.  We both enjoy visiting historical sites, museums, zoos, and going on family fun adventures.  However, no matter how nice the place, I do not like staying in hotels.  To me, there is something weird about staying in a strange bed.  Even though the place is clean, it might still have leftover energy from other travelers and perhaps a ghost or two.

A few years ago, George and I went on a road trip to Washington, D.C. to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary.  To help save on funds, we got a hotel in Virginia and then drove in to D.C. each day.  We stayed in the hotel for a week.  Even though the surrounding area has a rich history, there wasn’t anything particularly intriguing about the hotel.  It was part of some standard chain.  I didn’t get any psychic impressions from it, not that I was really looking for any.  While I don’t mind spotting a spirit in a historic house, I do not go looking for ghosts when I am staying someplace overnight.  In fact, I’d rather them leave me alone and let me rest.

Things were fine for the first couple of days.  Then one night, I woke up to see a woman on the other side of our hotel room.  She was standing in the area next to the bathroom.  I could see a pale, whitish-blue glow coming from her.  She wore a white cap and had on a long, old-fashioned brown dress with an apron tied over it.  Her attire made me think that she was the spirit of a woman from Colonial times.

I didn’t make any noise, just sat there looking at the fully developed apparition wondering what was going to happen next.  The young woman nodded her head, acknowledging that I had seen her.  Then she turned around and walked directly into the bathroom.  The only thing that went through my head was, “Please God, don’t let me have to use the bathroom right now…”

After waiting a few moments to see if she would come back out, I reached for the clicker, turned the T.V. on, and went back to sleep.  This is not the first time that I’ve woken up to find spirits standing beside the bed or in our room.  In these situations, I usually find myself sitting up already, as if I must have been talking to them in my sleep.  Thankfully, no other ghosts came calling at the hotel while we were there.

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