The Soul Memory

From early childhood, I have had dreams about spirits coming to visit me.  This dream was different from all the others though because the person is still alive.  My grandmother was recently diagnosed with dementia, although it probably was developing for years.  The strange dream came a few weeks after she moved into a home for the elderly and disabled.

I received a message that someone was there to talk to me.  In the dream, I exited my bedroom to find myself in a long hallway.  A blue light coming from one of the rooms indicated the presence of a spirit.  As I entered what appeared to be a large, old-fashioned nursery, the ghostly image of an elderly woman began to take shape at a table in the center of the room.  Thinking she looked familiar, I walked up to her to get a better look.

“Grandma?” I asked.

She smiled at me and nodded.  This was my grandma who loved cooking, reading stories to children, and taking care of all the kids in our family and around her neighborhood.  When she talked, she looked and sounded just like I remember her.  I asked her if she was okay and she said, “Yes.”  She wanted to know what was going on in my life, so I told her.

Grandma knew that I always wanted to be a writer.  By the time I got into my writing career, carrying on conversations with her had become difficult.  So, I always told her that I was writing, but not about my interests in or having encounters with spirits.  It was just something I didn’t discuss with her.  Toward the end of the dream, I asked her, “Grandma, do you know what I do?”

She smiled at me.  “Why do you think I’m here?”  Then she hugged me again.  At that moment, I felt such a deep love radiating from her and I knew that she loves me just as I am.

I believe in something called the “Soul Memory.”  While it includes the memories that we make in life, our “Soul Memory” is the sum of all the memories that we choose to carry on with us from all our incarnations.  During life, most people only have access to the current lifetime’s memories and the others are kept hidden.  These become accessible once more after they have crossed over into the afterlife.

I believe that the “Soul Memory” stays intact no matter what happens to the body.  The brain is like a computer that processes our experiences and turns the important parts into memories based on the emotions that we attach to these events.  With the “Soul Memory,” even if the brain is unable to function properly due to disease, age, or some other condition, the memories are still preserved.

This spirit visitation helped me start to come to peace about what is happening to my grandma.  Yes, I am still sad, but I know that she is cared for and loved.  I go and see her regularly, even though she doesn’t remember me in the same way anymore.  When I tell her that I am her granddaughter and that I love her, I know that a deeper part of her understands.  The person that we love is never really gone because the soul is eternal and love transcends all boundaries.

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