The Unseen Hand

Thanks to Sandra from Rhode Island for this story!

Sandra often had this feeling that she was being watched by someone in her house.  She was divorced and lived alone with her two children.  Odd things would happen that made her feel that there was a presence around even when she couldn’t see anyone.  Sandra didn’t mind too much until the spirit began making things disappear and reappear about the house.

One day when her kids were still young enough to need a babysitter, she asked their father to watch them so that she could go to a family event.  He agreed to do it, but asked if she could order a Cable special for him that he really wanted to see that was scheduled for that day.  She agreed to do it, if he would watch the kids.  Being a very organized person, Sandra put the money aside in an envelope on her dresser.

Later, Sandra discovered that the money was missing.  Whoever had taken it, had left the empty envelope on her dresser.  Her son was eight years old and her daughter was five.  She knew that they hadn’t taken the money, the house had not been broken into, and there was no one else home.  Sandra searched all over, but couldn’t find the money anywhere.  Giving up for the moment, she went out to run some errands.  After she came back, she found the money sitting folded on top of her bookcase.  She would have never left money around the house in that manner.

The disappearing acts became a regular occurrence.  Sometimes the thing that was moved was harmless and more annoying than anything else.  Sandra would be making sandwiches for her kids and then notice that the lid to the peanut butter or jelly jar had gone missing.  She would check the kitchen for it, only for the lid to reappear later when she least expected it, usually in a place that she had already searched.

Once, the unseen hand took something that was more significant.  Her son made a ceramic Christmas tree for her at school.  She always kept it on top of her dresser during the holidays.  One day, she woke up to find it missing.  The kids were visiting their dad for the weekend and she knew that they hadn’t moved it.  Sandra pulled apart the room searching for the little tree, but it was like it had just disappeared.  Standing up, she felt like there was someone else in the room with her, watching her every move.  Sandra decided to try to communicate with the spirit.

“I don’t know who you are, how you do what you do, or why you do these things.  My son made me that tree.  Please bring it back.”

Nothing happened, but Sandra felt like someone was staring right at her.  She came home after a long day at work to find the tree under her bed.  The amazing thing was that it wasn’t broken or chipped in any way, even though she had hardwood floors in her bedroom.  It was like the piece had been hidden there.  Sandra reasoned that had it fallen off her dresser, it would have suffered some sort of damage.

Another strange event happened when Sandra had company over.  She and a friend were sitting together having coffee when suddenly all the wind chimes in the house started ringing.  All the windows were closed and there was no wind or draft inside of the house that could have caused this.  The ringing started in her bedroom and ended in the parlor as if someone had touched all the wind chimes as they walked through the rooms.

The presence remained invisible for most of the time, although Sandra did see a shadowy figure once.  She felt like it had a masculine energy.  The person was leaning with a hand on the door jamb and one hand on his hip.  The energy that he gave off while not friendly, wasn’t harmful either.  Sandra’s son also said that he often felt something staring at him when he was in his bedroom.  He would also come in to find his bed messed up, but knew from the way the blankets were disturbed that it was not the cats.


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