About Tara Theresa Hill


Book Cover - The Spirit Hour - Volume 1
Copyright 2018, Tara Theresa Hill

Fascinated by ghosts since her first paranormal encounter as a child, Tara Theresa Hill’s ghost stories involve fully developed spirit characters who have afterlives of their own. The concept behind her stories is that the human world and the spirit world constantly intersect whether we know it or not. Her writing incorporates the traditional spooky elements found in classic ghost stories with plotlines about humans and spirits helping one another. Some of the stories focus on the spirit’s perspective, giving a glimpse into what she believes the afterlife could be like. The Spirit Hour – Volume 1 is Tara’s first collection of ghost stories exploring these themes.

In addition to her fiction writing, Tara also has a blog about real ghost stories and hauntings called The Ghost Post where she talks about the paranormal experiences that people have shared with her. She also manages The Paranormal Hotspot: The Market for All Things Paranormal, a Facebook group dedicated to promoting, advertising, and selling everything related to the paranormal. You can find Tara on Facebook at Tara Theresa Hill – Ghost Story Writer & Author, on Twitter @TaraTheresaHill, and on Instagram as taratheresahill_author.