The Ghost Post


The Ghost Post is a collection of ghost stories based on real life encounters.  Unless otherwise indicated, the stories written in first person are events that I have experienced.  Any ones written in third person are stories that people have passed on to me.  Instead of a ghost hunter, consider me someone who writes down the ghost stories that she hears.  I am the ghost post reporter.

If you have an interesting ghost story or paranormal event that you would like to share, send me an email to to set up an interview. I will use the details about the haunting you tell me to craft a short ghost story for The Ghost Post blog.  Let me know if you want me to use your real name or if you would prefer to be anonymous.  Please include where you are from and/or the location of the haunting.  I will send you a confirmation email if it is going to appear on the blog.  I cannot offer any compensation at this time other than to mention who told me the story.

While I encourage my readers to only submit actual ghost encounters for the blog, I leave it up to you to decide whether or not they are real.  After all, everyone enjoys a good ghost story!





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