Grandma’s Visit

Thanks to Matthew from New York for this story!

It was a hot, summer day.  Matthew worked in construction and had been at it since early that morning.  The apartment was quiet.  His mother was out shopping and visiting her friends.  She wouldn’t be home for another few hours.  After a long shower, Matthew went into his bedroom and pulled down the shades to block out the late afternoon sun.  He set up a fan by his bed to help keep him cool.  Before getting into bed, he lit a Saint Theresa candle and placed it on top of his dresser.  Matthew often lit candles and said prayers for his grandmother, Tessie.  She had died the year before after a hard battle with cancer.

Exhausted, Matthew flopped into bed and was soon in a deep sleep.  He began to dream that he was at a carnival with his girlfriend.  For some reason, they were playing a game of hide and seek in the dream.  He said that he chased her from ride to ride, always to lose sight of her the second that he was about to catch her.  At one point in the dream, he saw her disappear into a fun house, so he followed her in.  He started running down a hallway lined with mirrors when he suddenly heard someone calling his name.


He turned around to see Grandma Tessie standing in one of the mirrors.  She called out to him again.  As he walked toward her, he found himself back in his room.  Only he wasn’t awake because he could see himself lying fast asleep in his bed.  Confused, he was wondering what was happening, when his grandmother appeared once again.  This time she materialized next to him in the bedroom.

“Matthew, you’re sleeping.  Wake up!  The candle is about to burst into flames.”

This took him completely out of the dream.  He felt his body hit the bed.  Matthew sat up just in time to watch the candle’s glass break.  The candle fell over and rolled on the dresser.  In a flash, Matthew jumped out of bed and was able to snuff out the flame.  Had he not been awake at that moment, the candle would have set the dresser on fire.

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The Back Room

When I was a little girl, Grandpa Freddie lived in the basement apartment of my Aunt Marianne’s house.  I knew that Grandpa’s wife, Tessie, had passed away three years before I was born.  Grandpa Freddie wasn’t happy talking about Grandma Tessie, so I would pester my mother for stories about her.  Mom told me that Grandma Tessie loved reading, bird-watching, singing, and helping people.  Tessie was a family nickname for Theresa.  Mom said it was too painful to name me after her mother, so she gave me “Theresa” as a middle name instead.

Grandpa Freddie watched me after school and on weekdays during summer vacation.  For some reason, I was always scared of the back room by the kitchen.  The bathroom was located at the end of the small room where they kept the washer and dryer.  It was almost always dark in the back room and I was convinced that something was waiting to grab me.  I would come out of the bathroom and rush through the archway to get back to Grandpa’s kitchen.

At some point, I concluded that if there was a ghost there, it was probably Grandma Tessie.  If that was true, then I shouldn’t be afraid of her.  She was an ancestral spirit and if anything, she would be protective of me.  I stopped running out of the bathroom area, but there was still a sad atmosphere about the place.  Sometimes I would even get the sensation of being watched.

I later learned that the watched feeling might have been an electromagnetic field caused by the washer and dryer, but somehow, I was not convinced.  Years after Grandpa Freddie died, I told my mother about the strange vibes that I would get in the back room.  Then Mom told me this story.

One day, when she was already sick with cancer, Grandpa found Grandma Tessie passed out in the bathroom.  When he tried to pick her up, he saw that she was dead and in his fright, he started shaking her and calling her name.  Miraculously, she came out of it and he took her to the hospital.  She eventually passed away some months later.

Residual hauntings occur when there is no consciousness behind the paranormal activity.  It is the remaining energy imprint from either a repetitive event or a tragedy that took place, not an individual soul that can interact with people.  I did not know that my grandmother had almost died in the bathroom by the back room and yet, I always felt odd in that area.  I think that I picked up on the intense energy that my grandfather must have left behind in that room when he found his wife dying.

What do you think?  Could this be a type of residual haunting?  Have you or someone you know ever experienced a residual haunting before?  Let me know in the comments.

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Grandma’s Necklace

Photo Credit – Tara Theresa Hill

Something like this happened to me once, so I decided to write a story about it.  Hope you enjoy!

Sarah was an imaginative child.  One of her favorite games was dress up.  She loved to put on her mother’s clothes and jewelry and pretend that she had been magically transported back to a different time period.  The only piece of jewelry that Sarah wasn’t allowed to play with was her mother’s silver locket.  The locket was oval-shaped with a floral leaf pattern.  Her mother rarely wore it anywhere, so Sarah didn’t understand why she couldn’t wear it instead.  One day she asked her mother, “Why can’t I wear your silver locket?”

Her mother put down the book that she was reading and gestured for Sarah to join her on the couch.  “That locket belonged to Grandma Rose.  It is one of the few things she owned that I still have left.”

“But I’ll be careful.  Don’t you trust me with it?” whined Sarah.

Sarah’s mother sighed.  “It’s not that I don’t trust you with it.  It’s just that it is too precious.  This isn’t a piece of costume jewelry, Sarah.  I would be devastated if something happened to it.”  Seeing Sarah’s disappointed face, she said, “It was my mother’s favorite necklace.  If it gets damaged or lost, it can’t be replaced.”  She put an arm around her daughter’s shoulders.  “Do you understand?”  Sarah nodded, but she didn’t really get it.

A few weeks later, her mother was away at a conference.  While her father was busy working on a project in the garage, Sarah crept up to the door of her parents’ bedroom.  She tiptoed up to her mother’s large, ebony-colored jewelry box and lifted the lid.  A shiver passed over her shoulders.  Sarah knew that she shouldn’t be doing this.  The pretty, silver locket felt cold in her fingers.  Fumbling with the chain, Sarah put on the necklace, closed the jewelry box, then snuck out of her parents’ bedroom before anyone could notice what she had done.

Sarah went down the block to visit her friend, Katie.  When she got there, Katie smiled, “Hey!  Want to see my new dollhouse?”  Sarah rolled her eyes.  Katie was always showing off some new toy.  “That’s kid stuff.  I have something way cooler than that.”

“Oh, yeah?  What is it?” asked Katie.

Sarah reached under her shirt to pull out the silver locket to show Katie, but it wasn’t there.  “Oh, no,” moaned Sarah.  “What’s wrong?” asked Katie.  Sarah unclipped the chain from around her neck and examined it.  It was bare.  “My mother’s locket!  It’s gone!” wailed Sarah.

“Where did you last see it?” asked Katie.

Sarah put the chain back on.  “I came here right after I took it out of her jewelry box.”

“You mean you stole it?”

“No!  I just borrowed it.”

“Did you have permission?” asked Katie.

“Not really…” mumbled Sarah.  “But that doesn’t matter now!  I have to get it back before Mom gets home.”

“Then we’ll have to retrace your footsteps.  It must be somewhere between here and your house.  Come on!  I’ll help you search for it.”

The two girls spent over an hour looking all over the block.  They even checked inside Sarah’s house.  The locket was nowhere to be seen.  The girls went down to the front porch.  It was starting to get dark out.  “I’d better head home,” said Katie.  “It’s almost dinner time.”

“Okay.  Thanks for your help,” said Sarah.  “I’m going to keep looking.”

“You’re welcome.  I hope you find it soon,” said Katie.

“Me too.  Mom’s coming home tomorrow.”

Sarah went back into the house.  After dinner, she went into the living room and grabbed the old family photo album.  Sitting on the couch, she flipped through the pages.  Baby pictures, birthday parties, Christmases, and graduations flashed by along with candid photos.  She stopped at a picture of a greying woman sitting in an armchair reading a book.  She was wearing the silver locket.  Grandma Rose looked back at Sarah over the top of her book.  Sarah had never met her maternal grandmother.  Grandma Rose had passed away three years before Sarah was born.  Sarah knew her mother had been too brokenhearted to name her after grandma, so she had given her “Rose” as a middle name.  “Sarah Rose…” she murmured her own name.  Then she had an idea.

Going into the storage closet, she pulled out three small candles.  She found a lighter and a small ceramic plate in the kitchen.  She filled a glass of water and placed that on her dresser along with the plate and the candles.  Then she took Grandma Rose’s picture out of the photo album, brought it into her bedroom, and shut the door.  Making sure it was a safe distance away, she placed the photo by the candle.  Her mother had taught her about praying to her ancestors and now seemed like as good a time as any.

Kneeling in front of her dresser, she started talking to Grandma Rose.  She told her all about the events leading up to the loss of the locket.  When she was finished, she said, “No matter what happens, I promise to tell Mom and Dad what I did.  I know it was wrong.  I just really wish that I could find the locket so that Mom wouldn’t be sad.  She loves you, Grandma Rose.  If you can hear me and there is anything that you can do, please help me find it.”

As she stood up, Sarah heard a soft, metallic swishing sound and felt something settle on her neck.  She looked down.  The locket had reappeared on the chain.

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The Invisible Playmate

This story was told to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  I have changed the names in the story for privacy reasons.

Paranormal investigators and ghost fanatics have many theories about spirits and the afterlife.  We scrutinize pictures, videos, voice recordings, and reports of eye-witness accounts for signs of hauntings.  While we may have different ideas based on our beliefs and experiences, we share a love for the exploration of the spirit realm and its mysteries.

One such theory is the presence of spirits around babies and young children.  Have you ever seen a baby or a young child carrying on a conversation, but you couldn’t see anyone next to them?  The child believes that this person is real and might even have a name for his or her friend.  Children are naturally more imaginative than adults.  Since they have not been conditioned to dismiss what others cannot see, they constantly live between the worlds of make-believe and reality.  While some may call it an “imaginary friend,” many in the paranormal field believe that there is a chance that this invisible person is either a spirit guide, guardian, or even a ghost.

Knowing that I love ghost stories, my friend recently told me about some things that are happening with her niece, Julie.  Ever since she was a baby, Julie has spoken to someone who none of her family can see.  Her parents would hear her moving around and making noise at two in the morning.  When they went to check on her, they would find Julie sitting up, clapping her hands, and babbling at a corner of the wall by her crib.  She did not look at her parents or involve them in this play.  Instead, she would keep up this game, all the while staring at the wall.  Then suddenly she would wave good-bye, roll over, and go back to sleep.  Although slightly concerned with this behavior, the parents figured she was just self-soothing by entertaining herself with a game until she was too tired to stay awake.

The family lives in a different house now.  Julie is two years old and learning to talk.  She still plays with this unseen friend, only now he has a name.  She has told her mommy and daddy that her friend is an old man named Jimmy.  Sometimes she wakes up in her bed and says that the “old man” scared her.  If her mom asks where Jimmy is, Julie will point out where she sees him.  Sometimes he is in her playroom, but other times, Julie will take her mother’s hand and search the house until she finds him.  She has also said that Jimmy is not here right now, but that he said that he would come back later.

“Jimmy” was the name of Julie’s great-grandfather.  He died before any of his great-grandchildren were born, so Julie never met him.  The mother has started experiencing some weird phenomena as well.  Sometimes when she is working in the den, the room will grow heavy with the scent of tobacco.  Neither she or her husband smoke.  However, Great-Grandpa Jimmy was a big smoker.


Photo: The above photo is a baby picture of me with my father.  The reason why I posted it is because you can see some mist or other light anomaly by my feet and next to me on the couch.  The pajamas did not have any reflective material like sequins on it.  Perhaps there was a spirit or two next to me? 

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Black Socks

Thank you to my mother, Lady Rhea, from Bronx, NY for this story!

Rhea was born and raised on Cruger Avenue in the Bronx.  After she got married, she moved into her first apartment in 1970.  Her parents lived in the same building directly across from her.  They could peer through their windows and tell that she was awake if they saw her lights on.

Rhea used to go downstairs to do her laundry at her mother’s because her parents had a washing machine in their apartment.  She would then carry the laundry back upstairs to hang to dry in her place.  Since her husband, David, had an office job in Manhattan, Rhea was always washing black dress socks.

A few months had passed since Rhea and David had moved into the apartment.  Rhea was doing the weekly laundry.  She had laid out six pairs of black socks on her white bedspread in two neat rows.  She grabbed three pairs to put them in the drawer and then turned back for the remaining three.

Only two pairs of socks were left on the bed.  Rhea paused.  “Where the heck did the third one go?  I know I had two rows of three,” she thought to herself.

After searching in vain for the missing pair, Rhea shrugged, and finished putting away the laundry.  She was home all alone.  She didn’t have a cat or dog that could have stolen the socks while she wasn’t looking and her husband was out on an errand.

Two weeks after this incident, Rhea came home to find the missing pair of black socks sitting on top of her bed.  She always made the bed before she left for work in the morning.  Freaking out, she ran downstairs to her mother’s apartment and told her what had happened.  She thought that perhaps her mother had found a pair of David’s socks in her apartment from the last time that she had done the wash down there and had returned them to her.

“Did you go into my apartment while I was out, Ma?”

“No, Dear.  I only go up there when you’re home.”

“Well, David is still at work and he left before me, so he couldn’t have done it.”

Her mother shrugged, ever the realist.  “Maybe you just forgot that the socks were there.”

“I would have remembered if I had left a pair of black socks in the center of my white bedspread.  No, they definitely weren’t there before I left this morning.  Someone or something put them there.”

Rhea already knew that her apartment was haunted.  Friends who came over would comment on seeing the shadow of an old woman sitting on her couch.  Rhea describes her as being mostly see through, like a photo negative, rather than a solid, full-blown apparition.  Some thought that this could have been the spirit of Rhea’s grandmother, Rose, who had also lived in the same apartment building until she died.

Rhea was right about the sock incident.  This wasn’t the last time that things would vanish on her only to show up months or even in some cases, years later.  But that’s another story!

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The Haunts of Lorain County

Thanks to Michelle from Ohio for this story!

Michelle comes from a psychically gifted family that is of French, Native American, and Irish descent.  She lives in a house in the countryside in Lorain County, Ohio.  While the house is relatively new, she believes that the ground might be cursed because of the swirling energy vortex at the bottom of the house and the high levels of spirit activity in the area.  Older buildings and farmhouses surround Michelle’s home.  There is a cornfield and creek nearby the house, as well as an old church on the corner.

Odd things have happened in Michelle’s house.  Her phone continuously malfunctions for brief periods of time.  She has had the phone inspected, but has not been able to find a reason for the strange reoccurrence.  At times, a growling can be heard coming from under the family table when there is no dog or other animal present.

Two apparitions have also been seen.  The first one is of a little blonde-haired boy from the early 1900s.  Locals believe that he is the ghost of a young boy who died mysteriously somewhere on the property.  There is also the figure of a woman wearing a dress from the 1920s who first appears to be waving, but then a look of shock comes upon her face.  Some think that these two ghosts share a connection of some sort, although the exact story is unknown.

Within a mile of the family’s house is an intersection of highways that are the cause of many accidents.  People have seen various ghosts and entities along this road.  There have been reports of Native American spirits, shadow people the color of translucent smoke, orbs, and gremlin-like creatures.  This strip of highway is thought to be a portal that spirits use to cross over into our world.

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A Grave Message

Thanks to Linda from New Jersey for this story!

As mentioned in an earlier Ghost Post, Her Daughter’s Guardian Angel, Linda has psychic abilities.  This often results in prophetic dreams, which frequently spook her family.  This particular incident happened when Linda was in her late twenties.

In St. Raymond’s Cemetery in Bronx, NY, there is a mausoleum that holds several generations of Linda’s family.  Linda’s great-grandfather, Carmine, set this up so that the family would always stay together.  Great-grandfather Carmine’s son, called Papa Nick, was deeply fond of his daughter-in-law, Vera.  Vera is Linda’s mother.  Even after her mother and father divorced, Papa Nick stayed close with Vera.

One night, Linda had a dream where she heard Papa Nick call out.

“Vera, help me!  I’m drowning!”

This dream occurred two times in a row.  When she mentioned the incident to her mother, Vera said that Papa Nick must be trying to tell them something important.  The most confusing part was that while Linda was the one having the dream, Papa Nick kept calling for her mother.

After the second dream, Linda called her father to ask how Papa Nick had died.  Was it at sea or on a boat?  He answered that her grandfather had died of a stroke.  When he asked her what had brought this question up, Linda told her father about the strange recurring dream.

“Maybe you’d better go visit Papa Nick in the cemetery and see if everything is okay.”

Her father promised that he would go check.  The next day he called and explained what had happened.  He had gone to the cemetery to find that a sewer pipe had backed up and flooded the mausoleum floor.  One of the coffins floating in the water was Papa Nick’s.  Thankfully, they found out in time and none of the coffins were damaged.  It just goes to show you that when spirits want to make contact, they will find a way.

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