Calling on The Angels

Thank you to Sandra for this story!  If you would like to read more about Sandra’s paranormal and spiritual experiences, please see Invisible Forces

Sandra is a Reiki Master/Teacher in Canada.  She does Reiki sessions, psychic readings, and creates beautiful jewelry that is specially designed for spiritual healing.  One time, she got a call from a client who was having trouble and suspected that there was an unhappy spirit residing in the house.  While Sandra doesn’t normally work with spirits, she will do a house cleansing if the occasion calls for one.  Sandra can make contact with spirits through deep meditation and she works to help them resolve any issues that are holding them from crossing over.

When Sandra arrived at the client’s house, she sensed a darkness hanging over the rooms, making everything seem drab and muted.  As she went through the place, she encountered some trapped souls who were happy to be guided into the light.  Still, there was something hiding in the house and Sandra focused on preparing herself for the eventual meeting. Everything went smoothly until she entered the kitchen.

The ghost of an old Italian woman with curly hair appeared to Sandra.  The spirit had a grey color that matched the heavy energy that had infused itself into the home.  When Sandra asked her to leave, the angry spirit tried to scare her away.  Knowing better and refusing to be afraid, Sandra opened up the pathway to the light, but the old woman refused to go.

Sandra asked the woman why she remained here.  The woman answered that she had been unpleasant during life and feared that she was going to be judged and sent to Hell if she crossed over.  Over time, her spirit had become attached to the furniture in the house and now she didn’t know how to separate herself from it.

Sandra nodded, many spirits feared punishment after death.  She explained to the female spirit that religion is a human-made construct.  There was no judgement to be met in the afterlife.  She said that the woman would be met with unconditional love and understanding, and that she would be healed of the pain that she had carried with her into the afterlife.  The ghost was still too frightened to move on.

At this point, Sandra felt that it was time to call for assistance.  She has a strong bond with Archangel Raphael and often works with the archangel to help trapped souls find release.  In her mind, Sandra saw a brilliant emerald light that signified Archangel Raphael’s arrival.  He came over and embraced the spirit of the old woman, covering her with his shining, deep green wings.  As he did so, the grey fell from her like an old, discarded cloak leaving the woman’s soul cleansed and glowing pure white.  Then Archangel Raphael took the rejuvenated soul’s hand and helped her crossover into the Spirit World.  This was an amazing moment for Sandra because while she works with the angels regularly, it is a rare occurrence for her to see one.

The client, who was accompanying Sandra around the house during the cleansing, suddenly burst into tears saying, “I have the feeling that I have to say that I am sorry.”  This was the spirit’s way of sending the message that she was sorry for everything that she had done and for creating a disturbance in the person’s home.  Once the spirit had moved on and Sandra had completed cleansing the house, the heavy atmosphere was dispelled, and the home was peaceful and happy once more.

If you are interested in contacting Sandra for spiritual work, including Reiki sessions and other types of psychic readings, please check out her website at Serafina Fae

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The Visitor

Thanks to my Aunt Raven for this story!

Vito lived with his wife, Madeline, and baby son, Victor, in a courtyard apartment on Barnes Avenue in the Bronx.  Their next door neighbor, George, was a nice, elderly gentleman.  Vito and Madeline weren’t particularly close with George and didn’t know much about him.  All they really knew was that he lived alone and had been a widower for many years.

Vito didn’t have much interest in the paranormal, so he didn’t believe in ghosts.  Then he had a strange experience that he couldn’t explain.  One night in 1964, Vito was awoken by a cold breeze blowing through his bedroom.  Perhaps his wife had forgotten to shut the windows before coming to bed.  He decided to get up to check the house.  That’s when he saw the woman standing on the other side of the room by his son’s crib.  She was wearing a long, white, old-fashioned dress and had her hair tied up in a bun.  The old woman looked as if she belonged to another era and had just stepped out of a black and white photograph.

“What are you doing?  Get away from him!” shouted Vito.

The woman turned to look at Vito.  She lifted her hand and Vito sank back down on the edge of the bed.  She spoke to him in a calm manner.  “No, it’s okay.  I just stopped for a moment, but I’m in the wrong place.”  After saying this, she turned around and disappeared through the wall.

Vito rubbed his face.  He looked over at Madeline, who had slept through the whole event.  He got up to check his son.  Victor was fine.  Like his mother, he had been undisturbed by the stranger’s appearance.  Thinking that he must have been dreaming, Vito went to the bathroom and splashed water on his face.  Then he went back to bed.

The next day, they found out that their neighbor, George, had passed away during the night.  Raven is a few years younger than her brother, so this happened before she was born.  She wonders if the ghostly woman who appeared to her father that night was George’s wife coming to get him.

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