The Shadow Man and The Soldier

Thanks to Samuel Moralez from Long Island, NY for sharing his story!

Sam grew up in a large Victorian house that used to be a funeral home in the 1930s and 1940s.  The two large rooms that had been used for funeral viewings were separated by wooden and glass sliding doors.  The property itself was huge, with nine-foot-high lilac bushes surrounding the border and a circular driveway with a big tree in the center.

Sam had a frightening experience when he was a little boy.  He had been very sick for a while and his mother had sent his siblings to stay at a friend’s house while he recovered.  One night, he woke up to hear a sound coming from the kitchen.  He rolled over on his bunk bed.  Normally, he could see through the hallway and into the kitchen from his bedroom.  Sam expected to see his mother walking about the kitchen, but the whole house was dark.

As Sam continued to stare, he saw a shadowy mass emerge and glide through the kitchen and down the hallway toward his bedroom.  The dark form was twelve feet tall and looked like a “blob of twisting, churning oil.”  Sam could hear the entity speaking to him as it approached his room, but couldn’t understand what it was saying.  It appeared to be speaking in some other language.  Eventually, he heard it say, “It’s not your time yet.”  Hoping this was some sort of nightmare, Sam pulled the covers over his head.  He wanted to call for his mother, but couldn’t seem to make a sound.

The house was quiet.  After what seemed like forever, Sam poked his head out to see if whatever it was had disappeared.  He gasped, tugging the covers about himself.  The shadowy form was still in the room, keeping its silent vigil over him.  Too scared to look away, Sam kept watch until the form shrank into the shadows and disappeared.

Thinking that it was safe to come out now, Sam pulled back the covers.  That’s when he saw the lights in the driveway.  He looked out of the window to see what appeared to be a Spanish soldier riding a white horse.  The man seemed lost and confused.  When the spirit spied Sam looking at him from the window, he started toward the house.  Suddenly the figure grabbed his chest like he was in great pain and faded away.

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