A Grave Message

Thanks to Linda from New Jersey for this story!

As mentioned in an earlier Ghost Post, Her Daughter’s Guardian Angel, Linda has psychic abilities.  This often results in prophetic dreams, which frequently spook her family.  This particular incident happened when Linda was in her late twenties.

In St. Raymond’s Cemetery in Bronx, NY, there is a mausoleum that holds several generations of Linda’s family.  Linda’s great-grandfather, Carmine, set this up so that the family would always stay together.  Great-grandfather Carmine’s son, called Papa Nick, was deeply fond of his daughter-in-law, Vera.  Vera is Linda’s mother.  Even after her mother and father divorced, Papa Nick stayed close with Vera.

One night, Linda had a dream where she heard Papa Nick call out.

“Vera, help me!  I’m drowning!”

This dream occurred two times in a row.  When she mentioned the incident to her mother, Vera said that Papa Nick must be trying to tell them something important.  The most confusing part was that while Linda was the one having the dream, Papa Nick kept calling for her mother.

After the second dream, Linda called her father to ask how Papa Nick had died.  Was it at sea or on a boat?  He answered that her grandfather had died of a stroke.  When he asked her what had brought this question up, Linda told her father about the strange recurring dream.

“Maybe you’d better go visit Papa Nick in the cemetery and see if everything is okay.”

Her father promised that he would go check.  The next day he called and explained what had happened.  He had gone to the cemetery to find that a sewer pipe had backed up and flooded the mausoleum floor.  One of the coffins floating in the water was Papa Nick’s.  Thankfully, they found out in time and none of the coffins were damaged.  It just goes to show you that when spirits want to make contact, they will find a way.

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A Medium’s Rite of Passage

Thanks to my friend, Regina, for sharing her story about coming into her Mediumship.

Being a medium and having psychic abilities can be an overwhelming experience.  Psychic abilities manifest in various ways.  Some people know right away that they have these talents, some hide it or try to ignore it, others fear it, and some have it pushed onto them through circumstances beyond their control.

Regina was sixteen years old when her father died.  She hadn’t seen her father that morning, which was unusual.  On the way home from school, she noticed police cars on her block.  She learned that her dad had gotten into a horrible fight and had been rushed to the hospital.   Regina stayed home with one of her sisters, while her mother and two other sisters went to the hospital to check on their father.  At 7:06pm exactly, Regina let out a tremendous gasp as if she had suddenly lost her ability to breathe.  The terrifying moment receded as quickly as it came on, but Regina has never forgotten that event.  Unknown to her at the time, Regina’s father’s throat had been cut during the fight.  His official time of death was recorded at 7:06pm.  This was Regina’s traumatic introduction into the psychic world.  Years later, she would receive another grim prediction of a family member’s death.

One day, Regina’s brother and one of the sisters was messing around with the Ouija Board when he asked the oracle when he was going to die.  Regina scolded him, “Why in the world would you ask something like that?”  The board had answered him that he would die at age twenty-five.  Her brother brushed it off as a joke.

More years passed.  Regina was now in her twenties and had a job in a Punk Rock clothing store.  She was home in bed with a severe headache.  The pain was so bad, that she picked up a Bible that her friend had given her and started praying for relief.  As she lay down in the bed, she noted the time.  It was 3pm.  Later that day at around 5pm, she got a call from her sister that their brother had been hit in the head with a baseball bat and had been rushed to the emergency room.  The attack had happened at the same time that she was experiencing her strange headache symptoms.

Regina’s brother was hospitalized for months after the attack.  One day, Regina was at work when for no reason at all, a mirror fell off the wall directly behind her and crashed to the floor.  Regina was spooked as her eyes met the clock.  This time it was 4pm.  Her mother had taught her that falling mirrors were signs of impending death.  Regina pushed this thought out of her head.  Her mother was just superstitious.

Sometime later, her sister showed up at her job.  She asked to speak to the manager about Regina.  Thinking that they were out of earshot, Regina heard her sister ask the manager if Regina could please leave work early.  “Our brother died today,” her sister said.  Regina couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Her manager walked over and nonchalantly said that she could take the rest of her shift off.  Regina tried to politely refuse, but he insisted that she leave for the day.  With a sinking feeling, Regina left the store with her sister to find out that after months of battling the injuries caused by the attack, her brother had died at 4pm.  He was 25 years old.