The Musical Ghost

Thanks to Michelle from Northern Vermont for this story!

Many old houses in New England are home to the dead, as well as the living.  In some cases, the ownership can be traced back to one or two families that have lived in the same neighborhood for generations.  This leads to the current owners accepting the spirits of the previous residents as being connected to the house.

Michelle’s father-in-law’s home is over one hundred years old.  It’s a two-story house with a full attic and basement.  The house has furniture, antiques, phonographs, paintings, and firearms from as far back as the mid-1800s.  The large home was built by Michelle’s father-in-law’s uncle, Nathan.  Uncle Nathan is known for ‘haunting’ the house.

In 1993, Michelle and her husband, Shawn, went to visit his father for Christmas.  Michelle’s father-in-law worked as a volunteer firefighter, so there was always the chance that he would be called away in an emergency.  In the middle of the night, Michelle awoke to the sound of piano music coming from downstairs.  She woke up her husband.  Shawn said that he could hear the piano music too.  Then the music stopped.

They heard footsteps walking across the floor and the carpet, and over to Shawn’s father’s desk.  Shawn sat on the edge of the bed, holding his gun, and wondering if he should go see what was going on.  At this point, they were worried that someone had broken into the house.  The footsteps continued up the stairs and then halted on the landing next to the grandfather clock.  Just as suddenly as it had all begun, the strange noises ceased.

The next morning, Shawn asked his father if he had received a fire call late that night.  His father said that he had not.  Michelle and Shawn told him everything that had happened.  That’s when they found out that there hadn’t been a piano in the house for many years.  According to Shawn’s father, Uncle Nathan enjoyed playing the piano when he was alive.

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