Portal to The Spirit World

I often receive spirit visitations in dreams.  My spirit dreams have a subtle difference from my regular dreams.  It’s hard to explain, but I feel as if my conscious mind is fully awake when I have these spirit dreams.  I have had full conversations with spirits who visit me while asleep.  Sometimes I remember everything and can record it in my dream journal when I wake up.  Other times, I can only recall how the spirit looked, what they sounded like, and how I felt being around them.  While I can never be sure if these dreams are true, I do know that the spirits who appear in my dreams seem as real as when I have had waking encounters with spirits.

In a recent dream, my husband woke me up and said that someone wanted to speak with me.  I looked and saw this young-looking, female spirit standing in my bedroom.  A white light was emanating from her, which helped ease my worries.  Her brown hair was tied up in a bun and she was wearing a long, white dress with a high collar.  She reminded me of someone from the Victorian era.  For some reason, I recognized her vibration which made me think that I either must have dreamt of her before or have felt her presence around my house.  Sometimes I will feel a spirit hanging around my home for a few days before they manage to make contact with me in a dream.

The spirit beckoned me to follow her, indicating that she needed something from the “other room.”  I wondered what room she was talking about.  Peeking around the corner, I saw that she was headed in the direction of my bathroom.

Upon entering what was supposed to be my bathroom, I found myself standing in a large room with white walls and grey, wooden floorboards.  There were boxes stacked everywhere.  It reminded me of a large attic that one might find at the top of an old house.  The lady walked over to a couple of boxes and told me that she needed them to be “lifted.”  My guess was that whatever she wanted was underneath the boxes.  I tried to move the boxes myself, but they were too heavy.  Calling out to my husband for help, he walked into the room and moved aside the boxes for us.

One of the floorboards was loose and rotted.  I bent down to see if it could be removed.  The ghost got very excited.  There was a small package hidden inside a space in the floor.  I kneeled down and pulled it up, passing it to her.

The second I did that, my husband and I were back in our bedroom, but the ghost of the young woman was still with us.  I wasn’t sure what else she wanted.  She kept walking about our bedroom, as if she was waiting for something.  Watching her as she moved about, I felt compelled to say that I knew her because I had seen her in our room before.

The woman turned and smiled.  “Now that you have acknowledged that you have seen me, I feel better and can go in peace.”

As she said this, all the light drained from her at once.  It was like watching a flower close its petals.  One second she was there glowing brightly, and the next, her manifestation had pulled itself into a ball before fading away.

The dream did not end here.  I was concerned with how quickly the woman had disappeared, so I called out to her, “Are you sure that you’re okay, now?”  There was no answer, so I knew that she had gone.  Now, came the weirdest part of my dream.

For some reason, I walked over to my closet door and slid it open.  Instead of clothes, the inside was filled with a rosy light.  When my eyes adjusted, I saw that I was looking into a hallway with golden walls and a ruby-red carpet.  Music and conversation filtered in from a party that was taking place somewhere nearby.  I stood there on the edge of this other world wondering what to do, when a young male spirit wearing a tuxedo appeared.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m looking for the young woman who was just in my room.  I want to make sure that she’s really okay.”

He nodded.  “She’s fine.  She’s at the party now.”  The way he said this, I got the feeling that the party was intended for her and that made me feel better about the situation.  Still, I was curious about this portal that had seemingly opened up in my room.

“You know this is my bedroom closet, right?” I asked the young gentleman.

He nodded again.  “Yes, but sometimes it acts as a portal between the worlds.  Here, come and see for yourself.”  The young man let me step inside.

I stood between the door frame in a T-formation with one foot on either side of the door.  I waved one arm inside the door.  “So, this is the Spirit World.”  I waved my other arm outside my door.  “And this is the Living World.”

“Yes,” he answered.

Satisfied, I stepped back onto my side.  Just then another male spirit came down the hallway, carrying something in his hands.  “Here,” he said.  “The young lady inside said that she wanted you to have this.”

I thanked him, took the parcel, stepped back, and watched the portal close.  I looked down and saw that the woman had given me a book.  It had a golden-yellow cover and appeared to be about “transportation” of some kind.  I put the book on my bedside table, meaning to read it later and got back into bed.  Yes, it was one of those strange dreams where I wake up in the dream, but am not actually awake.

When I finally woke up the next morning, a few things occurred to me.  I really believe that the woman was from the Victorian era.  Not only because of her clothing, but because books were expensive and hard to come by back then, so receiving one as a gift was a special treat.  Also, I personally love books and am happy that the spirits know that I’m a big reader with a large collection.

Furthermore, I had suspected for some time that my closet was a portal.  In fact, the day before that dream, I had placed a goblet of water on my dresser which is not far from the closet.  I light candles to my ancestors and spirit guides on my dresser and always put up a fresh glass of water for them.  This sends “Love and Light” to them to help them on their spiritual missions in the afterlife.  At any rate, this spirit visitation leads me to believe that C.S. Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, got it right.  Portals to other worlds really do exist and you never know when you might find one.

What do you think? Do you believe that portals to the spirit world or other dimensions exist? Let me know in the comments section below!

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The Haunts of Lorain County

Thanks to Michelle from Ohio for this story!

Michelle comes from a psychically gifted family that is of French, Native American, and Irish descent.  She lives in a house in the countryside in Lorain County, Ohio.  While the house is relatively new, she believes that the ground might be cursed because of the swirling energy vortex at the bottom of the house and the high levels of spirit activity in the area.  Older buildings and farmhouses surround Michelle’s home.  There is a cornfield and creek nearby the house, as well as an old church on the corner.

Odd things have happened in Michelle’s house.  Her phone continuously malfunctions for brief periods of time.  She has had the phone inspected, but has not been able to find a reason for the strange reoccurrence.  At times, a growling can be heard coming from under the family table when there is no dog or other animal present.

Two apparitions have also been seen.  The first one is of a little blonde-haired boy from the early 1900s.  Locals believe that he is the ghost of a young boy who died mysteriously somewhere on the property.  There is also the figure of a woman wearing a dress from the 1920s who first appears to be waving, but then a look of shock comes upon her face.  Some think that these two ghosts share a connection of some sort, although the exact story is unknown.

Within a mile of the family’s house is an intersection of highways that are the cause of many accidents.  People have seen various ghosts and entities along this road.  There have been reports of Native American spirits, shadow people the color of translucent smoke, orbs, and gremlin-like creatures.  This strip of highway is thought to be a portal that spirits use to cross over into our world.

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