Signals of Death

Thanks to Jim from Brunswick, Maine for this story!

Losing a loved one is a difficult, but unavoidable part of the human experience.  Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, we question where souls go and if there is a continuation of the consciousness after leaving the body.  While there is no absolute proof of life after death, many people have experienced strange events where a departed relative or friend contacts them after their passing.

Jim has had multiple experiences of this nature.  His grandmother was sick in the hospital.  One day, all her pictures fell off the wall and the clocks in the house stopped.  Right after this happened, the family received a phone call that Jim’s grandmother had passed away.  These circumstances were repeated some years later when the grandmother’s sister died.  While Jim was in the room when the first event happened, he was not present for the second one, but heard about it when the family contacted him.

Years later, one of Jim’s cousins died suddenly from a heart attack.  He was middle age and the death came as a shock to the family.  Jim was sitting in the living room with four of his friends when the phone rang.  One of his friends offered to get it for him and put it on speaker.  They heard a lot of static as the call connected.  Wondering if they had a bad connection, the friend was about to disconnect the call when the static cleared.  Jim and all his friends very clearly heard the cousin’s voice come over the line.

“I’m all right,” he said.

Then the line cut out.  Jim checked the caller ID, but it hadn’t recorded anything and showed no signs of having received a call at all.  This event occurred after Jim had already heard about his cousin’s passing.  Hearing his cousin’s voice on the phone made Jim feel better and how the message was delivered matched the cousin’s jokester personality.

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